What is the Minc?

Achieve amazing foil effects with the Heidi Swapp Minc Foil System.

The Heidi Swapp Minc  Collection is a heated system for foil application. This foil applicator gives professional and gorgeous foil effects that amplifies the look of your DIY projects. It has six settings, four rollers and motor directions going forward and reverse white-space.

The basic idea of how it works is that with the heat and pressure of the Minc machine you can use foil sheets to adhere anywhere you have toner on your paper. This means that you cannot print your project on a regular ink jet printer, but need to use a laser printer.

Heidi Swapp Minc Foil Applicator

Minc - Tips

  • Make sure you place the reactive foil shiny side up when running through the machine.
  • Choose your heat setting based on the weight of your material; use lower heat settings for lighter papers and a higher heat setting for thick cardstock or chipboard.
  • The zero setting has no heat; however, it will apply pressure to your project when running your paper through the machine. This setting works great for your double sided stickers and rub ons.

Minc - Ideas

Here are some ideas of what you can create using the MINC Foil Applicator:

  • Cards
  • Wall art
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Party décor and favors
  • Pages
  • Die cuts
  • Tags

Minc - How to

  • Turn the machine on
  • Select your heat setting; the light will turn from red to green when ready
  • Place your paper, cardstock, die cut, tag or cupcake topper in the transfer sheet
  • Choose your foil (good luck, there are so many pretty colors!) and place it over your paper with the shiny side up
  • Place the transfer sheet inside the machine; the rollers will grab the sheet and pull it through
  • Lift the transfer sheet to reveal the foiled accents on your beautiful project!

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