Sometimes it’s really tough to figure out a title or come up with ideas about what you should write on your scrapbooking layouts. So here are my ‘Top Ten Journaling Tips.

For me, I find journaling one of the hardest parts of scrapbooking. I leave it all to the end of the project and even then I struggle with what to write about. Being a perfectionist – it just makes it even worse. I hate making a mistake and I often think long and hard before I even start my journaling. 

I have many projects to finish and I started to think about how I could actually get them finished.  After making a few notes I realised that I do have techniques I use for journaling, I just hadn’t realised it.

So I started to document these in the post below, which has been a work in progress for a while. 
I hope you can find some of my Top Ten Journaling Tips useful.

Top Ten Journaling Tips

1. Cover The Basics

The (who, what, where, when, and why) are probably one of the most important ways you can start your journaling. 
Ask yourself what is going on? Where was this picture taken? When was it taken? Who is in this photo? Why is this photo important to you?


2. Think Outside The Box

For example, use phrases or words (instead of complete sentences), use quotes or he said / she said dialogue, use step-by-step procedures to describe how something was done, or use Q&A or recipe styles for your journaling on occasion. 

Top Ten Journaling Tips For Scrapbookers- Pirate

3. Frame Your Photos With Words

Another one of my Top Ten Journaling Tips is to o add interest to your scrapbook, by incorporating  words around your pictures. You can either use ready made stickers or make your own words.

By framing your photos with words and thoughts, your pages take on a unique look. Words become embellishments.


4. Make Lists

The best part about using lists when journaling is you don’t have to worry about writing long, detailed sentences. During one of our holidays, I had each of us write at least four things we loved the best about our holiday. The list you see here was from Kikki K and I used my husband’s list to scrap this layout. 

We all enjoy different part of trips and holidays and it’s an awesome way of capturing holiday memories. 

Top Ten Journaling Tips for Scrapbookers - List

5. Use Your Ephemera

This layout used some ephemera picked up during one of our days trips while we were on holiday. The information on the coaster tells it all. It’s a bit like adding journaling without having to write anything. When it’s a bright and interesting piece it adds to the overall theme of the layout.

Adding the fruit wine bottle also adds to the overall story.  No journaling required on this layout, with the exception of the date which I have not yet added… whoops! This is one of my fav layouts I think, I just love the colours. 

6. Journal On Your Photo

There are many apps that allow quick and easy journaling to be incorporated onto your photo. I googled a little bit of information on the Blackfoot Indian girl (which is a post card I bought) and then printed it on the photo itself. It also made use of the blue sky – I wanted to capture the landscape and the history in this layout. 

Top 10 Journaling Tips for Scrapbookers - Little Indian Girl

7. Just Be Yourself

When journaling, try to authentic. what I mean by this is to just be yourself. You don’t have to sound formal, cool, funny or smart. Just sound like you!

Don’t stress over grammar and punctuation either. I don’t know how many times I have typed journaling out and realised later there is a mistake. As long as your journaling is in your own words, then you’re being true to yourself. 

8. Keep It Simple

Every layout is different and sometimes a quote says it all. Use quotes from ephemera packs or make your own. 

You don’t need to many words when you have a large sized quote telling the story. 


9. Hidden Journaling

You don’t need to write much – but just the fact of writing a few dot points acts and then rolling the note up, not only adds dimension to your page, but makes it look like there is journaling.  

The other aspect of journaling on this page is using the paper itself to tell the story with the highlighted pirate sentiments. Most paper collections includes  paper which has various sentiments – so take advantage of them and use them..

10. Look For Creative Phrases and Ideas

Another one of my Top Ten Journalling Tips is to find creative phrases and ideas from magazines, newspapers, newsletters, brochures, Pinteret and other scrapbooking websites.
There is plenty of inspiration online, all you need to do is go and look for it!!


I hope you obtained some benefit out of my Top Ten Journaling Tips. I hope you’ll start writing from your heart, tell good stories, and create scrapbook pages that make you happy! We have some awesome products in the Scrap of Your Life store that will may help with your journaling journey and you may like to check out this journaling blog post here.

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Top Ten Journaling Tips 

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